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Speedy Bee Control

If you've got bees on your property, Mike's Gopher and Bee Control will be there to have them safely removed. If you or your loved ones are allergic, you can't afford to wait. We'll have the bees and hives gone in no time and make sure they won't come back.

You'll find our pest control services affordable. We also price match! Don't waste time and money trying to get rid of bees with over-the-counter products, just call us and let the professionals handle it.


We guarantee our work 100% to prevent the return of bees and keep them under control.

Affordable pricing

Don't let bees overrun your home. Mike's Gopher and Bee Control can handle even the toughest bee infestation.


Even if hives have been around for a long time, it's never too late to call and have them removed.

Keep the bees away

Take advantage of our referral program: Refer a friend and get 10% OFF your next service.

Fast and safe

bee removal


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